All organizations in the healthcare industry could benefit immensely from the services offered here at ISO Integration. If you need to make improvements to your quality management system, you will be happy to know that we have the necessary knowledge and expertise to ensure that you will achieve all of your certification goals in a timely manner. Without a doubt, ISO Integration is considered to be a key leader in this industry, especially in the eyes of many in the healthcare field.

If you want more information about the ISO consulting services we offer specifically for the healthcare industry, read on.

Our ISO Consulting Services

Here at ISO Integration, we realize that the needs of organizations in the healthcare industry are very diverse. Therefore, we offer a number of ISO consulting services to ensure that none of the needs of our customers are neglected. Here are just a few of the ISO consulting services we offer.

ISO Certification Services

Your main goal may be to attain certification for ISO9001, ISO13485, AS9100, or ISO14001. In order to achieve this goal, you likely need to make major changes to your quality management system. Fortunately, we will help you every step of the way when it comes to improving, maintaining, and implementing your quality management system.

Gap Analysis

A difficulty that many healthcare organizations encounter is not knowing where their quality management system stands when it comes to the standard requirements. Our Gap Analysis report will help our customers identify areas for improvement and create a plan for certification.

ISO Internal Audits

Here at ISO Integration, we offer gap analysis services to our customers. These pre-assessment audit services help our customers make improvements to their pre-existing program by helping them identify exactly what changes need to be made so that their quality management systems meet the standards for certification.

ISO Training Services

In order for your organization to succeed when it comes to attaining ISO certification, you need the help of your employees and personnel. Fortunately, our professionals have the knowledge and expertise necessary to train your employees so that they will have no problems meeting the ISO standards. Not only do we offer training courses for ISO certification, but we also offer seminars. Where the training courses and seminars take place is up to you. You can either come to our location, or we can come straight to your location to hold the private training seminars and courses. The latter option is best if you want the training to best reflect the objectives of your healthcare organization.

For more information about the ISO consulting services we offer for organizations in the healthcare field, don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone.

Author: Kim Cunningham
Kim has over 17 years of experience in quality as a Manufacturing Engineer, Quality Manager, and Quality Consultant. She has a broad spectrum of experience with multiple standards and regulations across various industries. Kim has strong working knowledge of the medical device and aerospace industries with experience auditing to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, AS9100, ISO 14001, and applicable regulatory requirements.
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“…Kim Cunningham has provided Ahlstrom Nonwovens with detailed guidance and compliance checks for our ISO 9001 development. She is a critical part of our Quality Management System…”

– Ron Balaska, Production Manager
Ahlstrom Nonwovens, LLC