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In a world that’s becoming increasingly more environmentally, socially, and ethically conscious, consumers are putting emphasis on an organization’s operations. They want to ensure that the products and services that they purchase benefit their local and global communities. Thus, as a company, you want to ensure that your customer base knows that you’re complying with all practices that protects workers from accidents and diseases to ensure consistent business. Occupational health and safety may initially feel like a burden as an employer, but if implemented correctly and if you utilize ISO 45001 consulting, you can reduce workplace risk and create safer working conditions for your staff. Keep reading for what you should know about the new ISO 45001 standard and the certification that can keep your workplace safe.

What is the ISO and ISO certification?

The ISO is the International Organization for Standardization. They’re an association who develops and publishes standards on topics like environmental management, social responsibility, risk management, medical devices, energy management, and occupational health and safety that are used around the world. They look to provide global solutions to challenges that face products, services, and systems so that our world can continue to operate safely and efficiently. For a business, ISO certification means implementing standards backed by strategic tools that minimizes waste, reduces errors, and increases productivity. Certification helps countries access markets that they weren’t able to previous and also facilitates free and fair global trade.

What is ISO 45001?

Understanding the goal of the ISO is a useful stepping stone to understanding their specific standards. ISO 45001 was a standard created specifically for occupational health and safety. When employees are injured on the job, companies experience a loss in revenue due to rising insurance premiums, early retirements, and staff absences. Thus, preventing the likelihood of injury in the first place can help to combat the loss of revenue from a business perspective. The ISO crafted this standpoint believing that improving employee safety and workplace conditions would be the best way to improve these business outcomes.

How can ISO 45001 consulting help my business?

Determining if you’re in need of an ISO 45001 consultant might feel like an ambiguous task. Yet, the easiest way to ensure that you’re saving money, reaching these standards, and hitting your goals is by double checking with an expert. Remember, ISO looks to provide strategic tools that help you, as a business, reduce errors, minimize waste, and increase productivity. ISO 45001 consulting is a step in that direction.

What are the benefits of ISO 45001 consulting services?

The benefits of ISO 45001 consulting include a better understanding of and the ability to reduce hazards, improving your occupational health and safety management, setting higher safety goals for your company, improving the effectiveness of the system you have in place, and fulfilling the legal and regulatory requirements set out for businesses.

Who should be involved?

Everyone! Both your management and your employees should be impacted by the work of your ISO 45001 consultant. ISO 45001 training can help everyone understand their role in preventing and identifying hazards. For management, they must know how to review the processes in place, correct behavior of staff, and develop systems that enforce ISO 45001 standards even as processes change within the workplace.

How do we make the system sustainable?

This is one of the main things that ISO 45001 consulting services can assist you with. Creating a sustainable system that continually implements these standards is what your business is looking to achieve so you can continue to save money and reduce risk. Thus, implementing an internal audit review system and compliance procedure will be the final step to ensuring that this change lasts. You should also make a plan to review your effectiveness periodically and measure the progress that you can made so you can modify your procedures if they aren’t working.

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