How ISO Certification Drives Your Business Goals

Some organizations struggle with why ISO certification is important for their particular business. They may have heard about the high costs associated with obtaining the certification, or the unyielding standards of documentation required for maintaining certification. While these points are valid points to be considered before you undergo the full ISO registration and certification process, the benefits of obtaining your ISO certification often outweigh the challenges, especially when you go with a Lean ISO execution.

Gain Access to a New Customer Base

There are a wide range of businesses who will only work with vendors who are ISO certified, and these are the long-term relationships that will keep your business afloat both now and in the future. The ISO certification helps drive quality throughout your organization, in a way that benefits customers as well as your bottom line. Getting the ISO certification paper is only the first step; the continual focus on quality that is required for maintaining the certification will drive long-term benefits for your business.

Improve Overall Quality

Implementing a QMS (Quality Management System) such as ISO certification can help your organization adopt an overall focus on quality for every product and every process; every time. This will not only support your business goals and requirements, but can also provide your customers with increased satisfaction in your product lines. When you meet your customers implied requirements as well as their stated requirements with a high-quality and consistent product offering, then you are building repeat business that is priceless.

Deeper Process Understanding

It very often happens that management is not completely clear on the different processes that are utilized throughout the organization. A quality management system like ISO certification can shine the spotlight on processes that may have been costing you money for years without your knowledge. New metrics are defined and measured that provide insight into the inner workings of specific processes, giving you as a leader an opportunity to make needed changes that will save you money on an ongoing basis.

Improve Operational Excellence and Consistency

While few organizations will be able to make it to the Six Sigma quality standard of practically zero defects, a renewed focus on quality standards will allow your operations to enjoy decreased variation and a more consistent product. Increased control of your process brings decreased variation – something that your customers will certainly appreciate!

Employee Satisfaction

Last, but not least, an increased focus on quality will eventually bring employee satisfaction. Yes, there may be a short-term period of frustration with the rigor of introducing a new system and additional documentation to your process, but once the process is settled, you will find that employees are more willing to make recommendations for improvements when they realize that managers and business leaders are actively engaged with making the business more efficient and effective.

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Author: Kim Cunningham
Kim has over 17 years of experience in quality as a Manufacturing Engineer, Quality Manager, and Quality Consultant. She has a broad spectrum of experience with multiple standards and regulations across various industries. Kim has strong working knowledge of the medical device and aerospace industries with experience auditing to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, AS9100, ISO 14001, and applicable regulatory requirements.
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