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“Lean” is a way of managing your organization to deliver maximum value to customers with minimal resources and zero waste. Companies that put “lean thinking” into action become highly competitive, resilient, and adaptive.

Becoming lean means understanding your company as a complete system.

Lean Consulting

Lean companies continually improve cost, quality, delivery, and capabilities by:

• Simplifying processes across the entire organization and supply chain.
• Shortening lead times.
• Aligning production and service delivery to match customer demand and cash flow.
• Learning continuously and dynamically, with a culture rooted in daily problem-solving and mutual respect.

“ISO 9001” consists of good business practices and processes that have evolved over many years ensuring that customers can be confident they will receive consistent, high quality products and services.

ISO Certified companies strive to reach many of the same goals as Lean companies with a stronger
focus on customer satisfaction and confidence by:

• Improved product reliability
• Better process control and flow
• Better documentation of processes
• Greater employee quality awareness
• Reductions in product scrap, reworks and rejections

Thus, it makes perfect sense to combine these two complementary forces into a Lean-ISO Process. To learn more about the Lean-ISO Advantage, please visit our friends at:

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“…Kim Cunningham has provided Ahlstrom Nonwovens with detailed guidance and compliance checks for our ISO 9001 development. She is a critical part of our Quality Management System…”

– Ron Balaska, Production Manager
Ahlstrom Nonwovens, LLC