ISO 27001 Consulting Services

At ISO Integration, we offer customized ISO 27001 consulting services that enable organizations to obtain ISO certification and gain a competitive edge. Our consulting focuses on planning, creating, and maintaining a powerful information security management system (ISMS). We also train your team in security best practices. With these systems in place, your organization will benefit from improved security, more efficient procedures, and the competitive advantage that ISO certification provides. Our expertise has already helped a wide range of organizations across industries to implement ISO standards, and we would be happy to help you too.

What Is Required for ISO 27001 Certification?

ISO/IEC 27001 is the global standard in information security management, providing regulations for keeping financial information, personnel data, intellectual property, and client data secure. Following these standards empowers organizations to organize information, assess risk, and improve their security. The requirements for ISO 27001 consist of five key categories:

  • Security Controls: ISO 27001 prescribes a wide range of operational security controls. These controls are designed to ensure confidentiality, maintain cyber security, and minimize risk. Rather than implementing a universal set of controls, organizations must choose the controls that fit their industry, organization size, and data systems. An ISO consultant will help you to identify the relevant security controls, implement them, and document them for certification.
  • Risk Categorization: Organizations need to have a categorization system in place so that they can assess the level of risk associated with each kind of information. These categorizations should serve as a basis for assigning levels of security.
  • Risk Assessments: ISO 27001 specifies that organizations must conduct risk assessments at three levels: organization, business practices, and information management system. A consulting service will help you to design or modify your risk assessment procedures to make regularly conducting these assessments straightforward.
  • ISMS Security Plan: ISO 27001 also requires that organizations have a written plan for current and future security practices. The plan should describe security controls and policies and outline a schedule for future assessments, reviews, and updates.
  • Regular Security Reviews: ISO 27001certification is not a one-time accomplishment. In order to maintain certification, organizations must conduct annual reviews of their security management. These reviews assess the above four components of an effective ICSMS and identify areas for improvement.

Our ISO 27001 Consulting Services

At ISO Integration, our ISO 27001 consulting service is tailored to each individual client. We work with the procedures and programs you already have in place to make certification as efficient as possible. Most organizations we work with can attain ISO certification within just a few months. We then work with you to maintain your security management in the long term. Our consulting services can be customized based on your needs and budget, but a typical ISO consultation includes the following steps:

  • Assessment Our consulting begins with a thorough assessment of your current information security management system. We measure your current practices against ISO 27001 standards and your internal organization goals. We will identify gaps between your current practices and your target goals.
  • Plan In the planning stage, we develop a roadmap that lays out the training, procedures, control measures, and programs necessary to fill the gaps we have identified. This roadmap will take place over a concrete timeline, and it is always tailored to what will work best for your budget, staff, and available time. By the end of the planning stage, your organization will have a detailed security plan to use going forward.
  • Training and Implementation Your ability to maintain ISO standards in the long term is only as good as your staff’s ability to implement your security plan. We provide training courses and seminars that educate your team about ISO 27001 standards and the procedures to meet them. This includes any necessary training in using digital programs.
  • Certification We provide support through the certification and accreditation process. If desired, one of our ISO consultants will be on-site during the audit phase to oversee the process.
  • Maintenance We help your organization to maintain optimal security measures in the long term. Maintenance consulting can include security reviews and internal audits. We can also guide you through ISO 27001 certificate extensions.

Why Choose ISO Integration for ISO 27001 Consulting?

Our ISO consultants are certified quality auditors who have years of experience working in a wide range of industries. Their expertise in ISO regulations has helped countless organizations, making ISO Integration a leader in ISO consulting. We prioritize making our consulting services work for you, which means developing a flexible consulting model that adapts to your needs, budget, and timeline. We are available for in person consulting in Connecticut and for virtual ISO consulting throughout the United States. Our virtual consulting options make expert consulting available to all companies, on your schedule.

Contact Us to Discuss ISO 27001 Consulting

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